About Seven to Win

Seven to Win is a website design and hosting company founded in 2021 to serve the needs of contractors. We provide high quality, affordable websites and website services to all types of contractors, including pressure washers, electricians, roofers, masons, plumbers, and more.

"We pride ourselves on providing quality, affordable, and effective websites to contractors in a variety of fields."

The idea to establish a web design company catering specifically to the needs of contractors came about after Seven to Win's founder, Steve, purchased a home and began searching the internet for contractors to perform some upgrades. He realized that despite coming from a variety of fields, contractors seem to have one thing in common — their websites are old and poorly designed, making information difficult to find, and failing to grab a customer's attention.

As a professional web developer with contacts in the fields of both graphic design and search engine optimization, Steve created Seven to Win to help contractors grow their business by building them better, more effective websites. If your website is holding you back, get in touch with Seven to Win today and let us build you an attractive, professional, and easy to manage website that will set you apart from your competition.